Witty HR

Manage people well, cultivate organizational success

Witty HR is one of the core features of Witty Manager aiming to help on automating and boosting human resource management system in every organization. We have realized and understood that HR is for the people, not the paperwork. Here we are, the game changer and we ought to see that in your organization as well. We can guarantee that this system integration in your HR management can give you success and convenience in your processes – access to data anywhere with very minimal charge.

Time and Attendance Management

Easy to use without compromising the quality of service and data transmitted. Precise time and attendance management solves the problem of every growing business. You can generate Attendance Report which you can use for Payroll Process without a hassle.

  • Organize employee schedule efficiently

  • Track employees’ workforce productivity

  • Time clock register with a snap-of-a-finger

  • Traces detailed transactions made in the system

  • Generate timesheet and attendance report

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Employee Management System

Establishing rapport in the workplace is what human resource is all about. Thus, we generate a system that gives avenue for both managers and employees to engage effectively.

  • Shows analytics of the company using graphical charts

  • Full list of employees’ personal and employment information

  • Streamlines management of employees’ requests

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Time clock app

Why you need to switch and leave manual time registration process behind?

  • Less to no hassle tracking daily logs and work records

  • Easy clock in and clock out system

  • Conveniently access data in your android devices

  • Payroll is done in seconds