Witty Desk

Simple System, Outstanding Customer Experience

Account Management

Easily add, modify, and delete accounts in your database. Easily monitor and follow-up every client you have.

  • Team Inbox

    Control incoming emails by allocating each of them to unlimited number of inboxes. Any email that is assigned to you can be found on your unified inbox.

  • Accessibility and Sharing

    Share to other team members or organization and work together in resolving tickets.

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Keep each agent on the same phase

Easily allocate and prioritize tickets, then collaborate and get things done!

  • Tickets Priorities

    Assign the priority level of each ticket according to its urgency and importance.

  • Tags

    Uniquely tag each ticket according to its nature. Have sense on resolving it according to its nature.

  • Tasks

    Integrate tasks in your ticket and follow-through on its history. Truth for you, Witty Projects and Witty Desk are found on the same page for you!

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