Time Clock App



  • Less to no hassle tracking daily logs and work records
  • Easy clock in and clock out system
  • Conveniently access data in your android devices
  • Payroll is done in seconds


Why you need to switch and leave manual time registration process behind?

As you hear the word time clock manual process, impressions like exhausting, draining, laborious, and time-consuming may come to your mind. Well, you are obviously right. Witty manager provides a time clock software that is fit to any business enterprises. Integration of attendance records to another platform would be easier, such as payroll process, because it is consolidated under one roof. Also, the Time clock solution eliminates tedious process of manual recording which is most likely prone to errors and discrepancies. The software solution does not only benefit the business owners but also secures employee’s efforts. 



  • More accurate than ever 

The system makes buddy punching not an option. Some of the employees can go away with their tardiness if they have some friends at work they can ask to register for them. However, with biometric imaging fraudulence would be impossible because everyone must have to go through face scanning in order to clock in.  

  • More time for other responsibilities 

Through the automated time clock registration, companies can be secure without asking the admins to monitor employees' DTR. The system gives the admins more time in doing other responsibilities rather than being stuck guarding employees. 

  • More practical 

We cannot deny that fingerprint recognition is also, an epitome of security. Yet, biometric fingerprint can cost you a lot of money. The best part is that Witty Time Card have same level of security and accuracy, what differ us from others is our affordable service. Standing firm on our brand name, we want businesses to be witty enough and choose what is practical for them.  


The system will provide different pin code number to each employee. Like the face verification feature, it is secure because only the employees have knowledge and access on their pin code unless they are careless enough to disclose it.


Get real-time and accurate location data when your employees clock-in/out. Managers may allow their employees to clock-in/out anywhere or within a specific area.

How WITTY Time Clock App can help your company?

Less to no hassle tracking daily logs and work records

as everything is in a secured central storage in cloud. So, track with ease!

Easy clock in and clock out system

for you and your employees using personalized pin code, which is available for free plan. Face verification & fingerprint scanner are available for upgraded plans. Thus, worry no more for log cheats.

Conveniently access data in your mobile phones

Profile data, leaves, monthly schedule can be viewed real time using the app.

Payroll is done in seconds.

Payroll software is already integrated into the app. So why spend more time or overtime when you can generate the payment in just a minute or less?