Payroll Management



Invest on reliable payroll software and reduce your payroll process to 95%, cost to 98%, and stress to 100%


Witty believes in the saying that there is limit to the achievements of human courage. No matter how confident you are, you still need assistance with others to achieve a particular goal. We develop Witty Payroll Management system in order to help companies to generate payrolls efficiently without sacrificing its accuracy. 


Three consecutive overtimes, two saggy eye bags, and countless cancelled dates is the formula in creating payroll before. However, we change the game by automating the process. We develop a software that speed up your payroll process and here is how we do it.

  • Process Payroll 

The module shows list of employees' gross payment with complete breakdown of monthly contribution and without any hassle, the monthly contribution will be automatically deducted to the gross payment. Just click the "create pay slip" command and automatically you will be provided pay slip real time. 

  • Review Attendance 

Payroll officer can view and review employees' attendance easily if they needed information about an employee's total working hours.  

  • Add/Update Adjustments 

Adjustments in payroll will just take a minute or two through the adjustments command of the system. Like, if there are any adjustments with the monthly contribution, or if an employee receives incentives the payroll officer will just have to fill up the adjustments form and the payroll will automatically change.


The employees are more empowered if they were given the right to self-monitoring. With our payroll system management, employees can view their respective pay slip anytime and anywhere they want.  

  • The system shows the total earnings of an employee with complete breakdown of basic payment, allowance, overtime, holiday, and more.  
  • Beside the total earnings is another column that shows breakdown of monthly deductions. This way, the employee is provided with information how the company come up with their net payment. 

Through the accountability and transparency of the software, admins will not be bombarded with loads of inquiries making management easier.