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Use Fingerprint Feature

For Personal Use:

1. Open your Employee Time Clock (Company) app. If none, click here to download from the GooglePlay and install into your device.

2. Go to the Menu bar on the upper-left of the screen. Click the Change Mode tab and select Personal.

3. Click then the Personal Finger Print tab. Input your login credentials as prompted.

4. Enroll your fingerprint by following the instruction shown on the screen.

5. Once successfully registered. Test it then in the Clock In/Out screen.

*Only one employee can utilize the fingerprint feature in his device. Others cannot register their own and use the same device.

*The Android must be operating under versions 5.2 and up.

The fingerprint feature for company use is only available on selected devices that the Witty Manager support. If you need all your employees to clock in and out on one tablet/phone only using the fingerprint verification, you must contact us for the supported devices to purchase.

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