How Time and Attendance Software Can Boost Your Efficiency and Improves your Business Process

Time and attendance is an important part of every business, it can contribute to your business growth and can help you in a number of ways.  

The new technologies can provide us now with many solutions in just a snap of a finger. Equipped with the modern touch of technological advancement, time and attendance nowadays do not rely on manual time tracking system anymore.


Some time and attendance software have integrated biometrics system to their employee attendance monitoring. Which allows companies to effectively generate reports easily. Other software includes fingerprint scanning and face verification features, for a more secure and safe time tracking.  


And as your company grows, it will need more labor and workforce, which means it will need efficient and convenient software for time and attendance solutions. The manual process can cost more and time consuming and the process of generating reports can become unattainable.

Advantages of Time and Attendance Software

The need for an easy process can cost less than what you might think when sticking to a manual process. And every company have specific needs to which their organization can have advantages, here are some of these:

  • Data Security through a PIN code, fingerprint scanning, face verification, and GPS location tagging
  • Easy generating timesheet and attendance report
  • Organizing employee schedule
  • Tracking of daily logs through clock in and clock out system
  • Conveniently access data in personal smartphone devices 
  • Data stored in a cloud database

Automated Assistant

Let’s not forget that in the manual process, it takes a long time and exerts too many efforts, well perhaps you have already prepared a template for each report, however, and this can still take a long time. Consider software that becomes your assistance in managing all these functions, and allowing you to organize your tasks smoothly.


An effective time tracking software help HRs to monitor employee productivity and track time record history. It’s easy, less time consuming, efficient and cost less.  

Reduces the Labor Cost

Utilizing automated software is effective in getting accurate reports. Using software can cost less than the actual costs every company spends every year. The amount of spending on the manual process is staggering.


Whereas to a time and attendance software, it will only cost you once every quarter or year for a subscription. This means that tracking actual worked wasted labor minutes are eliminated.

Eliminates Time Theft

Some old systems tend to malfunction due to outdated upgrades made in the system. This tends to sometimes don’t count work hours by employees which can result in discrepancies in the payroll process. There are situations also that a co-employee will do the time punching for you which is unprofessional and unethical.


Using time and attendance software, these things can be avoided. All the data will be synced automatically in a cloud-based database. These issues will be prevented thus can help the HR to properly generate reports.

Proper Employee Scheduling

Effective time and attendance software not only monitor employee time record history but should also able to manage employee schedules. Creating schedules tend to be also time-consuming and properly assigning each employee on their respective work hours can spend you a little bit more of time.  


Automated time and attendance are the exact opposite, it helps the HR in managing unscheduled absences and scheduled leaves without distressing other employees and without compromising their productivity.

Real-Time Data Access

Most time tracking software nowadays is cloud-based, which means that all the data made in the system are automatically synced in a cloud database. Yet too many information is tiring to record every single day, especially if you don’t like to start over when a mistake occurs.


Which is why storing all important data in an online cloud is an advantage because you can check at it real-time and it allows you to log in from any work station to easily manage data online plus it’s more secure and safe.

Your Time and Attendance Choice

Witty Manager Time and Attendance promise a whole new style of employee time tracking. The right software for your company to make your time and attendance management and business processes easier and convenient.  

Our Time and Attendance is packed with advanced features that you can utilize for HR management. We also have a Time Clock application which also offers a variety of advanced timekeeping features so you can focus on simply collecting time, editing cards, and running reports of employees. 
Let Witty Time and Attendance help you in managing your HR needs and work efficiently hassle-free. 

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