Issues in Time and Attendance is Not a Big Thing (for a lazy HR)

Getting late isn’t a common issue, but it’s a growing problem that most people often give a bat an eye on. Whether it is in school, office, a party, or a reunion you will attend, arriving late can leave a bad impression to you; however, many regard this as a considerable action.

It’s OK to be late as long your presence is here….. Well, that kinda sucks.

But, in the professional industry, it’s a no-no and you can’t bring that attitude in the business field.

We know for a fact that Time is very important and essential in finishing a certain task that is on due. It is a universal constant but, is something often mismanaged. And yes, let’s face it, we can’t put time into our palms and control it, no it’s impossible. However, a good time-tracking system is a solution that could at least lessen the burden of our everyday baggage. It’s a top concern of every company that perhaps the majority would agree on.

In an average time, a person should be late within 7 minutes (source) from the time the work should start, that’s considerable, if it goes beyond that, then there’s a problem at all with the attitude and that should be addressed as early as possible to avoid impact in the evaluation in the long run.

Many people find a conventional and efficient time-tracking system to be effective in cultivating success. It can allow most especially HR managers, to monitor employee work schedules, create objectives, and track their work status. Which is why most companies need a reliable and cost-effective system that can ease the process of generating time and attendance record. The issue in tardiness of employees isn’t a grain of salt, thus it can affect the success once it isn’t properly addressed.

The world is getting smarter, technology is getting broader and people are getting more clever nowadays. And the need for faster and more convenient time and attendance should have full attention. According to the survey conducted by iPass, approximately, 94% of employees owned a device or smartphone. This implies that every professional has access to technology and conventional solutions.

This is where Witty HR comes in, it is a software designed to cater to a specific issue that most HR have a hard time in finding a solution.

Witty HR specializes in the Time and Attendance which functions as a tool for employee management. It enables to monitor employee attendance record, track work progress, create actionable tasks for evaluation, data and security, generate employee timesheets which will be later used for payroll processing.

On employee level, Witty HR capitalizes in a convenient time clocking. The employees can clock in and out through a company tablet within the proximity of location they are allowed. It’s safe and secured, their data will be check via fingerprint scanning, face verification or PIN Code security. (And a disclaimer, no identity, nor private information will be sold to a third party; for security purposes only) No more running late scenario or waiting for the queue just to punch in the Bundy clock, biometrics or daily time records.

In addition, it is a downloadable app which also lets the employee do the actions on their own smartphone at their own convenience. Plus, it allows employees to check their timesheets, weekly work hours, monthly attendance reports, schedules, calendar, and file a leave or budget request anywhere and anytime without a hassle on their part.

Time is what drives us all, keeping with the deadlines and submitting on due is hardly imposed to us by our bosses and we couldn’t get away from it considering how limited time is to do a certain task. And yes, time management is not a big thing for lazy people who never realized to value it. Nonetheless, it is as important as to your birthday and must prioritize to find solutions for it.

After all, the world is a cannon for progress now and there’s no reason to find time to relax on your swivel chair munching some to-go donuts as what technology can help us.

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