Empowering Employees: A New Way to Achieve Smart Goals

Almost a year to my career and I have never come across a company that includes empowerment as part of their goals. Not until I joined Witty Manager. Amid the busy schedule, a pile of workloads and rushing through to submit on deadlines, the company never misses a thing to empower their employees.

This is me not trying to glorify our company work ethics but somehow this can greatly affect the work productivity of employees and I, myself can testify to that. The workforce is the gem of every company and no matter how many times you stumble around the ball, our HR Managers should see to consider applying strategies on how to effectively engage their employees and work happy. Cultivate a culture that can allow our employees to find ways to improve more. Making them feel like motivated in a process of progress, healthy and strong organizational standards.

Here are my top 3 suggestions for empowering your employees amid a busy work climate:

1. Interactive Activities

The employees deserve to have a pause on everything that makes them busy in lieu to see the world around them; getting away from the confines of their cubicle and to breathe out. Engage them in team collaboration, or perhaps team building activities that can hone their interpersonal skills and work out their brains in a new way. The company I belong do this every week at least once. And so far it helps me to showcase my other skills and also build up good camaraderie. Don’t also forget to impart company vision to your activities to help them keep pushing of what they should achieve.

2. Developmental Surveys

This helps a lot and mind you that I was able to see the strength and weaknesses of our employees. But wait, this should’ve happened during the employment process. Yes, it should, but considering that was then when the employee needs to get a job so he will do the best just to have it. But now is different, as part of employee evaluation, you should also see the progress they make when doing a task. What are the behaviors they manifest in order to achieve a goal? This way you will identify their strengths and weaknesses to create a careful evaluation and perhaps allow them to know the areas they need to improve.

In the survey, you can ask questions like, “How well do you manage your tasks especially when there is work pressure?” or something like this, “How important to you supportive working peers? And does it affect your performance?” These questions target a specific assessment of behavioral and cognitive aspect. Any questions under the sun are acceptable as long as it targets the possible results to be able to use for assessment.

3. Leadership

In a team project, allow every member to be part of an exclusive work and give them the chance to speak out their minds. Not all the time a leader should step up in making decisions. Make everything as clear as possible, every member should be part of the decision making process. Much better if each has the chance to showcase their leadership skills by assigning to specific tasks and motivate them through passing challenges, but in a healthy way.

Leadership is one important skill that everybody must learn or at least take part in. It’ll test someone’s capability in dealing with people and handling challenges that come before us.

Empowering employees is not a piece of cake that you could enjoy eating while sitting at your table waiting for the next project to be finished. Empowerment is not a specific aspect that only a few should experience but it’s a universally known aspect that everybody deserves. There are many ways that you can motivate your employees, after all, it’s for your company growth and success.

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