6 Essential HR Tools Every Company Needs

Finding the right tool for effective work productivity is critical, which means HR Managers should integrate the best and useful tools that fit their companies. HR tools are a wide range of technology solutions made to improve your work. HR tasks require a  high rate of productivity percentage, meaning it is compliance-driven and should conform to the system considering how time-consuming and tiresome it is.


Leave all your worries behind! Here are six HR tools that businesses of any type can use for better and effective ways of work productivity.


Witty HR

If you’re looking for software that automates tasks for your HR department, Witty HR is one that can help you with, it is cloud-based software that specializes in HR Management. Organizing employee data, time and attendance record monitoring, and payroll processes. Designed to cater to any business sizes and types. There’s plenty of functions on the platform such as tracking timesheets, evaluate work progress, and approve leaves.


It’s lightweight and user-friendly compared to some of its competitors that are more difficult to use because of their complex functionalities. By putting aside all your tasks in papers, it helps your HR team to function efficiently by automating tasks.


Employee Time Clock

Creating timesheets are the less likable part of the job for HR officers, not only that it takes time to write down all the records of employee’s attendance but also it consumes so much effort in making it. Let’s be real, though timesheets are very important for payroll management, failure in perfectly doing this will only result in discrepancies.


My Witty Personal Assistant is an HR integrated application of Witty Manager which let the employees clock in and out on their own mobile device without a hassle and track their own performance 24/7 anytime and anywhere. Also, the application let the employees create schedules, meetings, appointments, birthdays, personal special events and notes on their own grasp.


It will automatically generate records for each employee and synced data of clock in and out thus creating timesheets, which you can monitor and use for the payroll process.


Witty Projects

One thing that hinders the work progress is the lack of software that saves all the data online real-time even when working. Cloud-based software that back-up all your data and files are the kind of tool that you need for your company.  Witty Projects is a project management system that allows you to create actionable tasks achievable in a set-up time frame. Making you updated on the work status and on track for the next projects.  It is a simplified tool enabling every employee to monitor their own tasks through the taskboards, kanban, notes, and project boards.


To test work credibility, your team leader can evaluate and make sure that you fulfill tasks based on objectives that you set for each specific achievable. By doing so, evaluation is more efficient, credible and accurate for better task management.


Performance Evaluation

Good working tools equate to good and quality work, however, that’s not always the scenario. In some cases, even if you already integrated tool for better work management, there are chances that employees couldn’t perform a hundred percent of their ability and though it’s not an alarming issue, however, HR Manager must consider it as one of the contributing factors for monthly employee evaluation. To make everything at ease, ADP Performance Management (or Automatic Data Processing Inc.) is a performance evaluation tool which focuses on employee improvements, facilitates conversation between staff and managers, and points individuals in the direction that benefits the entire organization.


Employee Engagement Tools

Communication is very important for a harmonious organization. Making successful collaborations between workers and clients. Working with a team, communication plays a big role, emails, files sending, information and instructions should take place in a tool that helps each member to exchange conversations. Slack is a tool best for any teams who want to work exclusively, engaging members to do team projects. In addition, you can also work remotely and still communicate with your team using the application.


Recruitment Tool

When it comes to hunting new talents, I know that every organization has its own unique ways of the recruitment process. So how can you find talented people that will imbibe the company vision and take part in the development of success? Posting on job portals is one way of reaching potential workforce, sorting out specific skills that target a specific audience. Most job seekers look for jobs on sites like Jobstreet, Indeed.com, Linkedin, Seek.com and Best Jobs, these websites can offer thousands of jobs every day.  Meanwhile, Zoho Recruit sets apart for its distinct features, it is a recruiting software and a cutting-edge applicant tracking system that streamlines your hiring process. It can source out best talent faster, track resumes and interviews efficiently, and never miss on a great hire.



Summing up, with the software tools provided to us today, it’s not an excuse to not automate your HR tasks. All of these are designed to customize work management. You can employ multiple tools or you can utilize one combined software that lets you do all the tasks. It’s a matter of compatibility and finds out what is working for your department. So what are you waiting for? Try these software tools I recommended or perhaps you can also research on your own.

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