5 Helpful Tips to Get Motivated at Work this 2019

I know you still have a hangover over the New Year celebration and couldn’t find any motivation to go back to work. I mean it’s been a week now and you should start executing your biggest plans for this year. And if you are still can’t get enough of the unrelated things to work then you should condition yourself into thinking that you might lose your job sooner or later. To avoid that, here are some Tips or shall we say guide for you to get motivated this 2019:

Tip 1: Dress up cool

Go to your work as the best you, by doing so, bring out the best attire you could possibly wear, I’m talking about the casual and professional outfits, and dress up as if you are welcoming the year with a positive aura and outlook. For example, the best trend forecasted for this year is bright pastel colors, for women, you can match pastel blouse to your silky-shiny pants and have that classic wedge sandal for an edgy look, whereas for men, guys can go for a cool button down polo coupled with a patterned necktie, have that navy blue or grey color for pants and dark brown leather shoes or loafer for a nice get up.


What’s more, with fashion, be the reflection of what you wear. Be bold and established an unstoppable force that you can only execute. Great way to show confidence and willingness to do your job excellently. Your boss will think that you’re taking your work seriously on a different level.

Tip 2: Set up your goals

This is a bit common and far too fetched but it works so much (well at least for me). Setting up your goals at the beginning of the year is a good attitude to consider. I know some of the goals are not always going to achieve because you are too exhausted for them to attain.


Now here’s a tip, set goals quarterly, this way you will be able to focus only on stuff that needs to be done within the 3 month period. Make it achievable and lastly, do not forget to make a checklist to keep on track on the process of achieving those golden apples.

Tip 3: Improve yourself by socializing

Socializing is one of the best ways to learn and discover new ideas by taking part in dialogues of a magnificent pool of people. There’s nothing wrong with having a good relationship with people that you see yourself gaining benefits for personal growth, or maybe have a conversation with your workmates and talk about positive things, or grab a cup of coffee with your supervisor and just try to learn new things, garner ideas or know something that you don’t have any idea about in casual talk.


Life is always lifelong learning, so not limiting yourself into something that can greatly benefit both you and the organization can be one way to be motivated.

Tip 4: Discover tools that can make your work better

Improving life is always our top concern which technology has provided us with the devices, tools, and systems to make every single task achievable. It’s 2019 and it’s no exception that you limit yourself into things that can greatly improve your work. Emphatically, here are 6 tools that you can utilize to improve your tasks efficiently:


Witty Manager

It is a cloud-based software making HR and business management processes easily. This comes with a four (4) functions each designed to cater specific aspect in business management namely; Witty HR that focuses on HR matters and Payroll, Witty Projects for project management, Witty Desk for customer service and Witty Personal that lets you notified for personal matters.



Slack is a great tool if you are working closely with your team, create project channels and keep updated with the progress of work. This tool is efficient, we are utilizing it in our company to be updated with the team, delivering everyday threads of conversation.



Asana is a good project management tool and probably one of the top rated software out there. It is a platform where you can manage your task and focus on goals to make your work and business growth.



One of the most used invoice software right now, it is a software that can make your business transactions easily. Manages your expenses, and track your sales tax.



MailChimp is a marketing automation platform best for the marketing team for their email marketing strategy. It is a comprehensive software with a dashboard that lets you personalize your email interface.



A social media management platform which lets you manage your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, and schedule posts as part of your marketing campaign.

Tip 5: Treat yourself

Working 40 hours a week can be exhausting, despite how tired we are, there is still a great time to have a good massage or great movie that can shoo away your stress. Reward yourself anything, may it be a material possession, satisfaction on services, or adventure and travel, whatever it is that makes you happy then go for it, don’t overwork and find time to unwind and relax. Because life is indeed short and you should make the best out of it.


Keeping yourself motivated is not as hard as you might think. Just keep yourself on track to the path you are aiming for. As I have said, one key is to be optimistic no matter the difficulty of the pressure and task that lay upon you, just always see things clearly with a positive point of view. Because at the end of the day, you are going to achieve your dreams no matter how hard it is to reach.

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