4 Major Issues that HR Managers Encounter and How to Handle Them

The company cannot withstand without a good foundation of the workforce and trusted people, indeed HR Managers couldn’t lay off their cape considering how important their function is. However, this is one thing that most companies need to think of, empowering their employees that should start with our HR professionals.


In this roundup, we will dive into the 4 most pressing issues that HR Managers encounter and how they should be able to handle them.

1. Employee Management

Handling employees is what HR managers really focus on, considering how complex it is to come up with a working system that lets employees conform to it. Thus, this doesn’t mean that HR managers cannot beat off their eyelashes just because how difficult to perform the task. Let sink in the idea that, many HR Managers can’t perform this 100% as many factors and conflicts arise unexpectedly. As such, which is a good reason to consider Proactivity at work.


Proactive person anticipates things prior to the conflict and problems that may arise, allowing them to create a solution in a matter of time and conducts immediate response, thus having less damage. In contrast, a reactive person creates a solution only to the existing problem and solving matters at hand without anticipating it and the possible repercussions. Proactivity will lead you to a better understanding of conflict for you to have the right decisions when solving a problem, allowing you to manage employees well.

2. Conflict in Management

In any workplace, conflicts aren’t avoidable which HR Managers are vested to make amendments towards employees. In some cases, these happen when one employee does not conform to the rules and policies that were strictly implemented that could later result in penalties and salary deductions. This will always be one of the top concerns of the employees and bosses alike. So, establishing good communication within the work environment will allow the employees to express themselves whenever they feel obligated to conform against their will.


As part of employee evaluation, conduct a weekly meeting that would give a platform for them to raise their concerns and encourage each to give helpful suggestions to come up with a better solution for the company.

3. Wages Issues

When we talked about payroll, for sure employees are delighted about it, however, when it comes to generating it, it’s always a heavy load of work. Tracking employee time records takes a lot of time and patience to meticulously create every payroll. As such, discrepancies in time and attendance records can be intimidating considering how some employees don’t care about it.


Consider using a system that enables every employee to do self-service timekeeping and allow them to clock in and clock out from their smart devices. This encourages employees to monitor their own schedules and can help you with scheduling conflicts and effectively track timesheets as it is the basis for payroll.

4. Attendance Issues

How petty it is to not to make attendance right after you enter the company’s vicinity just because you forgot to punch in. This may sound ridiculous but this happens all the time in every company. Creating a huge hole in your attendance records.


However, effective communication may come in as a contributing factor, as such, having software that keeps on track the employee’s time records lets you update their work status and avoid discrepancies in timesheets. But again, this is a matter of upgrading system to efficiently update every employee.


These issues are the product of the continuous evaluation of employees, also to note, each issue isn’t always the same with other industries, however, they share commonalities that most HR Managers agree with.


Nonetheless, as the industry is growing, the amount of workforce has also seen to contribute a huge factor in a company’s growth. Thus, this means that our HR Managers should double their efforts in bringing collective success for the company they respectively belong.

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