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Equip your business with e-business suite that speed up your business operations.

Who could have thought that Quality and Affordability could be use in the same sentence? Witty Manager provides a quality business solution that does not require luxury. Our cloud business process management (BPM) software consolidates different management systems including human resource, payroll, project/tasks and help desks. This way, the data collection and work collaboration much will be much easier and accurate as everything is in one roof. So take advantage of this modern, easy to use business solution that automates your business process.



Find out how we can help improve your company using your e-business.
  • View Employee lists and details
  • Manage your personal and employment information
  • Check timesheet schedule

  • Quickly add or update employee schedule
  • Setup work rules
  • Automated computation of Lates and Overtimes

  • Manage and update Employees Payroll
  • Employees can view their payslip
  • Automated payroll calculations

  • Easy Employee Clock In /Out
  • Face Verification
  • Secured Access Code System

Project Management System

  • Project, Teams, Ticket & Tasks Creation
  • Setup tasks categories, status, and priorities

Help Desk Ticketing System

  • 24/7 Customer Support

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WITTY HR (Free Version)
  • Limited for 10 employees (FREE)
  • Free Trial for 120 Days
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  • Free Trial of Face Verification for 60 days

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